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One solution for all your Accounting, Billing, Inventory, E-Commerce & GST compliance


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What we are Offering?

Invoice Management Spot ERP

Simplified Invoice Management

Experience seamless invoicing with Spot ERP, where speed meets efficiency. Create professional invoices in seconds, ensuring accurate tax calculations and customizable branding

Automate invoices & payments follow-up
Multi-currency support for international business
Manage Cash Flow Spot ERP

Optimal Cash Flow Management

Unlock the full potential of your cash flow with Spot ERP’s advanced receivables management. Effortlessly track payments and manage outstanding balances with real-time analytics and integrated communication tools

Personalized reminders to ensure prompt customer payments
Visual receivables dashboard for efficient account oversight
Inventory with Spot ERP

Smart Inventory Control

Keep your stock levels perfectly balanced with Spot ERP’s intelligent inventory management. From real-time tracking to automated restocking alerts, manage your inventory with precision and ease

Proactive stock alerts to avoid shortages
Advanced analytics for smarter purchasing decisions
GST Compliance with Spot ERP

GST Compliance

Spot ERP simplifies GST compliance by providing intuitive tools that streamline the filing process. Plus, our platform offers direct assistance from certified accountants whenever you need it, ensuring smooth sailing through tax season. With Spot ERP, staying GST compliant has never been easier.

Direct filing of all GST compliance
Automatic data fetch and upload to GST portal

What our customer's say about Spot ERP


Spot ERP is a one-stop shop for all your business management needs. We handle invoicing, accounting, inventory, GST, and more, all in a single, user-friendly platform. Additionally, our AI provides valuable recommendations to help you optimize your operations
Absolutely! Spot ERP is perfect for service-based businesses. Our software is adaptable and can be tailored to your specific needs, allowing you to manage finances, invoices, and more with ease.
Yes! Spot ERP offers a wide range of unit measurements for your services. Spot ERP also supports multiple languages and currencies.
Yes. Spot ERP allows you to set up low stock warnings for your products, so you never run out of inventory unexpectedly.
Yes. When creating accounts for your customers or vendors, you can easily add their bank details within Spot ERP. This simplifies financial transactions and keeps all your information organized. You add multiple GST number under once vendor/supplier and consolidate all the accounts.
Yes. Spot ERP allows you to define credit periods in days while creating customer accounts.
There's no limit! Spot ERP allows you to manage an unlimited number of businesses with a single account. Our software is designed to scale with your growing business needs.
No. A single Spot ERP account is all you need to manage any number of businesses. You can seamlessly oversee all your ventures from one central location.
Spot ERP utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze your business data and provide personalized suggestions. These recommendations can help you optimize various aspects of your operations, like inventory management, invoicing, and financial planning.
Our AI considers historical data, current trends, and industry benchmarks to identify potential areas for improvement. It then suggests actions that can enhance your efficiency, profitability, and overall business performance.
Spot ERP's AI might recommend:
  • Adjusting reorder points for inventory based on sales trends.
  • Identifying slow-moving products and suggesting strategies to manage them.
  • Optimizing invoicing practices for faster payments.
  • Highlighting potential cash flow issues and suggesting solutions.
  • Offering insights into optimizing pricing strategies.
Yes, to some extent. You can provide feedback on the recommendations you receive, allowing the AI to learn your preferences and refine its suggestions over time.
Spot ERP's AI recommendations can help you:
  • Make data-driven decisions to improve efficiency.
  • Reduce costs and optimize resource allocation.
  • Gain valuable insights into your business performance.
  • Identify potential risks and opportunities for growth.
  • Save time by automating routine tasks.
Yes, Spot ERP is a robust GST accounting software. Every aspect of your businesses GST reporting is available to ensure your business stays GST compliant. We simplify GST tasks and ensure adherence to regulations.
Spot ERP will support GST filling for GSTR 1, 2A, 2B and 3B from early 2025. Rest GSTR filings will be supported in consequent releases in 2025.
Yes, we will directly verify the GSTIN and you can't use incorrect GSTIN. This is help you to avoid incorrect data entry.
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